Alea Mehaj

Alea Mehaj, Born 20 desember 2011, has already done a lot throw the last 3 years as an actress and a model. Alea is studying at the theater school, is active in childrens theater, she takes also private lessons in acting by her coach Merete Vold. Alea has done national TV, TV-series, Shortfilm, Longfilm also on international level.
In november 2018 she participated the Young Miss Universe in Kiev, and won the competition and also got the price as best TV-host. She has been interviewed in several international magazines, as covergirl and is in July 2019 concurring in WCOPA as an actress and model with the Scandinavian Team.

Alea is an amazing hard working young talent, so get noticed and keep following her career in future.

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Masterclass and Seminar with Film Music Composer Andreu Jacob

Masterclass with Film Music Composer

-Psychomotricity and perceptricity of the temporary space
-Conceptual musical composition on drums
-Music for a cinematographic productions

Music therapy

Music Therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals

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CLASS – individual
CLASS – collective

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Photographer Cristiano Ostinelli visiting Oslo

Collaboration with Sony Nordic and the talented Wedding photographer Cristiano Ostinelly from Italy,
who was visiting Oslo and had his workshop at Villa Malla in Hurum. Make up artist/Hair stylist Sölvi Strifeldt.

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Production Designer Christina Svedal

Designer for Set / Production / Event / Home / Interior Christina Svedal is filled of creative energy, has an excellent sense of trends and modernism. She is known for film and TV serie productions, and is the main designer on Alan Walkers and IGNITE K-391 llllXl video production at MER musikk.

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Cannes Film Festival 2019/Film composer Andreu Jacob

We are honored to have the international film composer Andreu Jacob in our management.
Andreu has composed the music to the Swedish director Eveline Grassmans film “Lili ser dig”, which is
going to be present on Cannes Film Festival/short film corner 2019.

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Make up to advertising

Thank you for your professionality photographer iLeart and Globita Consulting with your advertising shoot in Oslo.

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Magnus Bokn with the amazing Voice

Magnus Bokn is the voice of Stavanger, based in Oslo. Magnus has been part of IdolNorway 2011 and later of The Voice Norway 2017. Magnus is with his musicians available for booking to your Events

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BABEK – DJ and Stand up comedian

Our latest entertainer is DJ Babek based in Oslo/Drammen, but he is on tour around Europes big arenas and festivals as DJ. Babek Nemati is known from events and stand up scenes in Norway and will be raising your event to an uphighed atmosphere level for rest of your evening guaranteed.

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