Benjamin Winborg

Benjamin, 21,  is the third year student on Oslo National Academy of Arts. He is taking bachelor in jazz from the Academy in dance and is already an established entertaining artist.

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Make Up& Hair

We are honored to been working with so many professionals in business. We have years of hard work on our CVs, from weddings, events, fashion shows around Europe, music festivals, music videos, small productions, sweat and tears, international productions. We have also been working with Master Classes and as teachers to professional make up artists and hairdressers, models and actors. It is wonderful to meet all these fantastic talents, change experiences, learning and growth as an artist but also as human been. The most important thing I have learned throw the years is that showing respect and being humble and openminded is the biggest key to connect with people and getting respect for who you are. And it is also such an inspiration to get all positive response from all creative persons out there.

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